Girls Day Out

Ladies assemble! You're in need of a girls day out. Here's some fun ways to get the girls together for laughter, fun and Instagramable moments. 

  • Girls Day Picnic In Sundresses
Have everyone come in sundresses and drink from champagne glasses, eat delicate pastries, and don't forget to take tons of pictures. 



    they said we need to start romanticizing our lives and we said okay ✨✨✨

    ♬ Wildest Dreams - Duomo


    • Back Yard Brunch

    Set up a long coffee table with cute plate settings and use pillows as a seat. Enjoy and celebrate each other!


    • Bridgerton Theme

    Don't be shy with the floral details! Come dressed in your Bridgerton finest but the real details are in the hair and gloves!

    Here's our Girls Day Out Collection




    April 14, 2021 — Liz Jimenez